Our Mission

    In order for the law to reflect the people it is designed to protect, it is imperative that those people are present in its development and application.  At Queer Lawyers of Tomorrow, we believe that increasing LGBTQIA+ representation in law is necessary to further the wider battle for LGBTQIA+ equality and protection.  One of the key steps to achieving this is to ensure LGBTQIA+ individuals feel motivated and driven to pursue a career in a profession that has a history of failing to adequately embrace LGBTQIA+ employees.  Accordingly, 


Our Mission is to break barriers support, empower and assist LGBTQIA+ aspiring lawyers on their journey to a successful legal career.  


We aim to create a strong network of LGBTQIA+ identifying aspiring lawyers, developing a community of likeminded individuals who can benefit from our resources.  These resources include, but are not limited to:

Mentoring Scheme: Connecting LGBTQIA+ aspiring lawyers with a Career Mentor to whom they can relate and gather advice from.

Regular Events: We host a range of events, both on our own and in collaboration with employers and other organisations.  These take a variety of forms with a number of focuses, including application guidance events, panels, discussions of diversity and inclusion in the legal profession, legal-focussed competitions and social events.

Ally Network: Targeted at non-LGBTQIA+ individuals as well as LGBTQIA+ individuals, providing information on how to act as an effective ally to every member of the queer community.  This is tailored to be most suitable for university students and university law societies, while being broadly accessible and relevant beyond these.

Black Queer Lawyers of Tomorrow: A subset of Queer Lawyers of Tomorrow, providing resources, events and mentoring specifically targeted at black queer aspiring lawyers.

    An intersectional approach to diversity is at the heart of all we do.  ‘Queer’ is an umbrella term and the experience of queer individuals is not uniform, it can vary immensely depending on the collection of other characteristics and identities held by an individual.  

    We acknowledge and celebrate these differences, aiming to provide resources that are broadly accessible to each queer identifying individual.  As such, accessibility and social mobility are of unequivocal importance to us.