Allyship recommendations: Sex Education

Netflix’s Sex Education is not only one of the greatest shows of modern television, but it is also a great way to introduce yourself to gay culture and the whole concept of Allyship. Both seasons one and two are available to stream on Netflix currently and whilst I’m not into spoiling things for you, there’s a lot to be said about the fluidity of sexuality and how certain characters are portrayed, that really shows the progress made in representation over the recent years.

Countless times we witness characters in film and television that are gay, just for the sake of being gay. This is their entire character, a rather tokenistic approach. In Sex Education this is different, from the offset we’re introduced to Eric (played brilliantly by Ncuti Gatwa), one of the lead characters and an openly gay man. On top of this, Eric is also of religious Nigerian/Ghanaian descent, which plays into both the way Eric dresses and adds another layer to his character.

Without spoiling anything, other characters include those that are coming to terms with being bisexual and even characters that are experiencing something they’re not quite ready to label. The natural and organic pro

gression of sexuality in this show is something rarely seen and is handled with great realism and respect. It’s really refreshing to see someone kiss someone of the same sex and not be labelled gay or bi, because in reality, this isn’t how things work.

I could write about this show for pages and pages, but I’d rather you go and experience it for yourself and I’ve tried my very hardest not to spoil anything from the two seasons. Overall, if you want something good to watch, that visualises the scope of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum (particularly in young people), then go watch Sex Education.

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