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The last couple of months at QLT have been packed with growth, celebration, and planning. Between the launch of the Ally Network, Mentorship Scheme, and fundraising during Pride Week for the Trevor Project, we’ve had a full and fabulous summer.

Following Luke Birch's launch of our Pride Week, QLT has hosted a multitude of fun and informative virtual events including our sold-out Q and A with Eve Cornwell. You heard me correctly... SOLD OUT! It was wonderful to see so many of the LGBTQIA+ community and our allies come, listen, and participate in an event brimming with guidance on pursuing a legal career. This information-packed Q and A was followed by an insightful panel event, discussing the nuances of queerness and intersectionality in the legal profession. To see what was discussed go check out the blog post: ‘QLT Pride Week Panel Throwback’ ( Alongside this QLT held a virtual LGBTQIA+ quiz full of all things Mariah, brightening our queer spirits when a physical Pride was not possible.

In the spirit of brightening people's moods, some members of the QLT family collaborated to make a ‘Mental health tips’ video, presenting proven and proactive tools for boosting mental health. Exercise, self-care, and time ‘unplugged’ were all cited as ways in which the QLT team manage their mental health, myself included. During the video Callum Ward opened up about his mental health journey and the challenges he has faced. His ultimate mental health tip was routine; something I attest to. Waking up at a similar time every day, going to sleep before 1am, and consistently eating food that fuels you is imperative. Especially when COVID-19 has flipped our routines on their heads.

Overall QLT pride was a huge success and the hard work put in by Joey Lewin, our Director of Events, brought it all together. In total, we were able to reach our target of £500 and raise £554 for the Trevor Project! From all of us at QLT we are truly grateful to everyone who bought a ticket and participated in our virtual pride week.

This month also saw the launch of the QLT Mentoring Scheme which aims to help LGBTQIA+ students get their foot in the legal door; a door which can oftentimes seem incredibly heavy. Pairings are made with LGBTQIA+ professionals or allies in the legal sector who have similar career interests. For more information, you can check out the Mentoring Scheme video on our YouTube channel. Here you will also be able to find the launch video for our Ally Network.

The fundamental premise of our Ally Network is that equality is the work of our whole society, rather than a supplementary burden placed on marginalised groups. During the launch video, QLT’s Director of Allyship, Callum Ward, expanded on this sentiment beautifully stating that ‘Allyship means being a pillar of support for LGBTQIA+ people and acknowledging the responsibility you have by virtue of the straight privilege you have.’ Active support and allyship are fundamental to the fight for equality, which is why QLT was keen to incorporate an Ally Network into the organisation. For more information about the network and how you can get involved, please email Liv ( or go over to the QLT YouTube channel.

All of us at QLT have had a busy and exciting month, and we hope you enjoyed all the events that have been held, the networks and schemes that have been launched, and we look forward to showering you with more wonderfully queer and legally stimulating content!


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