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Welcome from the Founders

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Hello, welcome to our new website! We are so delighted to finally be launching Queer Lawyers of Tomorrow.

It was at Manchester Pride 2019 that we first had the idea of setting up a nationwide platform to support aspiring LGBTQ+ lawyers on their journey to the legal profession... Little did we know that nine months later, with a lot of ambition, the support of an incredible team and the guidance of some truly fantastic experts and professionals, we would be launching a website.

Within the first 48 hours of our social medias going live, we had already gained a cumulative following of over 400; we are both humbled by this support and deeply appreciative. The messages of encouragement we have received have assured us of the importance of this platform and we whole-heartedly hope that it can bring some ease, assistance and inspiration into the lives of aspiring LGBTQ+ lawyers.

So, you’re probably wondering what you can expect from us? Well, firstly, let’s discuss what’s currently in the pipeline…. Starting today with the fabulous Scott Halliday (Solicitor, Irwin Mitchell), we’ll be conducting interviews with successful LGBTQ+ legal professionals. These will be published in the ‘Lawyer Interviews’ section of the website so you can read their stories and learn from their three best pieces of advice. Moving forwards, we’re seeking to conduct some of these interviews in the form of podcasts; we’ll advertise who we’ll be talking to in advance so that you can send in any questions you may have. We’ll also be keeping you up to date with all the latest news that’s of particular relevance to aspiring LGBTQ+ lawyers, alongside news specifically related to QLT; anything new can be found in ‘Blog & Updates’.

As it stands, we’re busy contacting firms and chambers to create our ‘Legal Career Directory’ that compiles all the information you could possibly need regarding their LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion. Think of it like an address book, but rather than finding a list of family friends and relatives that you haven’t seen for ten years, you can look for the employer you’re interested in and find all their key information for prospective LGBTQ+ employees. Depending on what information we’re provided with, this may include their own networks and initiatives, any upcoming events pertinent to the LGBTQ+ community and main points of contact for questions concerning D&I.

Our ‘Application Support’ page will be updated with all the best tips and tricks to get those training contracts and pupillages, from the people who really know the process. We’ll be covering all the problems unique to LGBTQ+ applicants, from whether to disclose your identity to the best ways go about doing this. It doesn’t stop there though! The LGBTQ+ community is under-represented in all areas of law so we want to ensure that we provide queer applicants with as many opportunities as possible to ensure that they can break barriers and find success in the profession. That’s why we’ve also offering ‘Career Guidance’! Let us know your goals, the kind of advice you’re after and we’ll pair you up with a legal expert who’ll dedicate some time to answering your queries and guiding you through the current stage of your career path. This one’s in the stages of finalisation and will be underway in the coming weeks, but applications are open in the meantime!

Looking a little further to the future, we’ll be running occasional events that will bring LGBTQ+ law students face-to-face with LGBTQ+ professionals, facilitating networking and celebrating diversity both in and en route to the profession.

Fancy getting involved? We’d love to have you! We’re starting a Campus Ambassador scheme, recruiting university students across the country. Our Campus Ambassadors will work alongside our team to communicate the QLT ethos, promote events and ensure that anybody who may be interested is made aware of upcoming opportunities for aspiring LGBTQ+ lawyers. Just fill in the application form to get started! We’ll be posting any additional positions on our ‘Opportunities’ page, as well as advertising them on our social media.

Finally, we’ll be launching the ‘Ally Network’; the aim of this is to provide university law societies with information on how to support their LGBTQ+ members, although this guidance may of course be useful to others.

Thank you again for to everyone who has offered support in any way to lift this platform off the ground. We are beyond excited to get started with Queer Lawyers of Tomorrow and we really hope that our work will empower the next generation of LGBTQ+ legal professionals in their journeys to success.

Liv Reilly & Owen Hussey

Co-Founders of Queer Lawyers of Tomorrow

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